MATER is a marketing organisation, specialising in market research and business development in Qatar and the Middle East. We have a proven record of enhancing the financial performance of our clients since 1994. 

They have discovered that we deliver to budget and on time. And they recognise us as hands-on professionals – not theorists – who understand that marketing is about increasing profitable sales.

Additionally, MATER has long-term affiliate organisations in Hong Kong and China. This enables UK companies wishing to explore the Far East markets, and vice versa, to take advantage of marketing assistance prior to any major expenditure of an overseas venture. And now, MATER has similar links with the Middle East, too, with the primary office based in Qatar.

How many organisations can claim to possess as much information about their customers and markets as they would really like?

Such information leads not only to an increase in sales but also to a reduction in costs.

Services include:

  • Intelligent sales lead generation
  • Qualitative market research
  • Focus groups
  • Customer attitude surveys
  • Desktop research
  • Incentivised mailed surveys
  • Competitor analysis

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Since relocating to Doha, Qatar in summer 2011, MATER has focused its efforts on helping overseas clients win business in Qatar and the Middle East.

MATER is currently representing Canal Engineering, a British manufacturer of exceptional quality bespoke architectural metalwork, specialising in beautiful staircases and balustrades/handrails, metalwork sculptures, and also specialist industrial resin floorings, high quality stainless steel industrial drainage, wall cladding, kerbing protection products, manhole covers, etc…please do take a few minutes to check out their website at where you can also download complete brochures and scan through many images that highlight the diverse range of projects that Canal has been involved in, including corporate, commercial and residential, hotels, banks, airports, listed buildings, retail outlets, etc, both in the UK and overseas.

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